Sunday, 1 July 2012

Multi Layered Roti(Bread)

Multi Layered Roti(Bread)
Preperation Time 25 mins
Serves :2
2/1/2 cups wheat flour
thin buttermilk or water.
Layered Roti Bread
Multi Layered Roti

Knead soft dough with above ingredients. Make 4 mm thickness round about 6" diameter. Apply 1/2 tsp ghee and spread all over with fingers. Fold into half. Press greasy fingers onto it. Fold again to quarter. Press with fingers. Roll in dry flour. Now roll out again to a triangle about the size of a roti. Heat griddle (tawa) and place roti on it. Turn to roast other said. Now put a little ghee on both sides and shallow fry till crisp. Serve hot with any desired accompaniment.

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  1. Nice and yummy!

    I have found some similar things in Argentina, only the preparation is a bit simpler!

    It is ideal for accompany coffee and maté (a native beverage)

    Thank you for sharing!