Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Earn through new social networking site by the creators of facebook

Facebook CEO (Mark zukerburg) had the idea from twin brothers in harvard university in 2001..... and compensated them with 65 million dollar in 2007 In 2009, the twin brothers again started a new social networking project (ZURKER) and 
launched its beta version in dec 2011 with some new rocking features, new features than facebook and G+. Facebook is worth 50 billion today but its users getting 0% profit, so twin brothers came up with a new idea to share the profits with its users. If you join it now you can become a share holder and get some shares. Join today and become share holder. Currently there are thousands of members joining. It will rule the future definately.

You can only join through referral:
Click on the below link to join

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